Corporate Event Themes for Fall 2018

September 11, 2018

How trending themes can make your next fall event memorable

Although the kiddos are sad that summer has come to an end, another group of people are excited to welcome the autumn season with open arms. Event planners! With Fall comes all the promises of autumn foliage, apples, pumpkins, and of course the wonderfully impending holiday season. For event planners, it’s a time of the year when themes exude feelings of warm, coziness and comfort.

Themes for Fall 2018

Garden parties are no longer reserved for springtime events. The use of fall foliage and fresh fruits and veggies at your next event will create a fresh take on the typical garden party. Tables adorned with various types of squash, and fall apples and oranges work great. And, you don’t have to splurge on floral decor when you can use small tree branches covered in fall leaves, acorns, and the like. The more natural the feel, the better. Rich colors and lots of lanterns will complement this look perfectly.“Wines and Vines” is another trending theme for fall garden themed parties. Wine tastings and cheese/fruit pairings are popular activities to go along with this theme. Bottles of wine can also be used as centerpieces (and door prizes). Complete the look with vines and grapes and hues of deep purple and green.Oktoberfest themes never go out of style, and 2018 fall event planning is no exception. The best part is: you don’t have to travel to Munich to celebrate! This German beer festival creates plenty of décor inspiration with the color palette leaning towards browns and greens. Outdoor events would certainly be a great fit for this theme.Still want to incorporate traditional floral designs in your event theme this fall? No problem! Although the fall season looks different across the U.S, floral designers across the country see some common themes among the 2018 season's trends. Designers say they're working with metallic tones like copper and incorporating varieties like roses and dahlias. Eucalyptus, grapes, edible herbs, and foraged foliage are also among the lush flora turning up in designs for autumn events. Here's a look at fall floral trends for events right now.This fall, event planners are focusing on autumn-toned garden roses, hops on a vine, antique lace hydrangea, luscious dahlias, rose hips, echinacea pods, fruiting branches, edible herbs, and fall foliage.

Catering for Fall 2018

Seasonal cocktails are all the rage for corporate events, and with fall comes flavors of almonds, vanilla, orange blossoms, honey, carrots, cinnamon, caramel and of course, pumpkin. Town&Country recently published a list of 45 best cocktails for the fall to help inspire signature drinks for your upcoming gathering.Also popular in the catering world are food trucks. Normally reserved for pleasant outdoor weather, food truck service is a great way for your guests to sample unique local flavors while traveling. But how do you bring the concept indoors for cooler weather? Fall 2018 events will offer themed “catering stations” to provide a similar feel. For instance, a churro station with fixings makes for an excellent dessert bar; a coffee station with a variety of creams and toppings beats the ordinary cup of joe; and a fondue station packed with apples, caramel, nuts, and chocolate puts a spin on the usual candy apple. As you can see, event themes for fall 2018 don’t venture too far from the norm. While some trends have adapted to different seasons, the old, faithful flavors of fall still resonate throughout! So, feel free to take a chance, but rest assured that keeping things traditional is okay, too.