Why Get Your Healthcare Meeting Compliance Certificate?

November 30, 2017

Master Healthcare Meeting Compliance with HMCC

In the dynamic landscape of healthcare, meeting compliance is of utmost importance. As a healthcare meeting planner or supplier, obtaining the Healthcare Meeting Compliance Certificate (HMCC) through Meeting Professionals International (MPI) is a game-changer for your career. This unique certificate equips you with the knowledge and skills to navigate the increasingly complex pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device regulatory environment.

The HMCC Program offers a comprehensive four-hour training that covers cross-border healthcare compliance, industry trends, global regulations, codes, laws, and mandates. Successfully completing the course earns you the prestigious HMCC designation, valid for two years. This assurance of quality and compliance control at your events sets you apart in the competitive healthcare industry.

But the benefits don't stop there. Not just healthcare professionals, even hoteliers, event planners, and visitors bureau members are completing the HMCC Program. Given the multitude of regulatory mandates, all stakeholders involved in healthcare meetings must understand compliance issues and their implications.

Balancing effective meeting management with the constant changes and demands of global healthcare compliance is no easy task. The HMCC serves as a valuable guide, providing compliance information across key healthcare disciplines. Taught by professionals and faculty members, the program fosters critical thinking skills through case studies, business simulations, discussions, and active exercises.

As healthcare meeting compliance guidelines continue to evolve, staying updated is vital for planners at all levels. The HMCC not only provides current data and resources for regulatory compliance but also builds credibility with potential customers in the industry. So, why not get your HMCC? Investing in the program is an investment in your future and your company's success, making it a win-win opportunity.


In the fast-paced and complex world of healthcare, obtaining the HMCC is your gateway to success. Equip yourself with the knowledge and competency needed to navigate the intricate regulatory landscape. The HMCC program's comprehensive training ensures you stay abreast of compliance requirements, providing you with a competitive edge in the healthcare industry. Embrace the HMCC as an investment in your professional growth and your organization's prosperity. Make the decision to master healthcare meeting compliance and propel your career to new heights!

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