Trending Meeting Planner Apps

November 5, 2019

As technology advances, so do opportunities to find tools that will make the lives of Meeting Planners a bit easier. Here are a few apps we think Meeting Planners should consider adding to their bag of tricks.

Top Table Planner – Arrange your seating plan in minutes with this user-friendly tool! Simply drag and drop your tables to place them. Do the same with your guests once tables are set to create the perfect plan. The app can be used for small gatherings and large banquets alike. No more going back and forth with the venue on layout. With Top Table Planner, you’re in full control of your table layouts.

Asana – This collaboration tools allows you to plan projects and manage multiple programs. You can keep calendars as well as create, assign and track tasks.

24me – Meet your Smart Personal Assistant. This app connects to your real life – your utilities, service providers, banks, social networks and more. It also tracks your tasks and helps with fulfillment.

Conference Compass – This meeting planner app is designed specifically for scientific and medical events. It allows you to connect with delegate, engage with audience and sponsors, and share your knowledge base. The app focuses on Europe’s largest medical and scientific societies – offering an engagement platform they can use year-round.

MeetingPlay – Connecting attendees to key groups and content via mobile devices is the mission of MeetingPlay. This mobile event app features emerging event tech trends like proximity sensing, chatbots, games, AI, AR.

Event Integrity – This app provides a free online marketplace of certified event vendors and venues. Simply join their community to access information on vendors and venues in cities around the world.

Ganttic –This high-level planning tool for scheduling allows you to visualize your data while managing projects portfolios and planning resources for maximum efficiency. Manage projects, tasks, timelines, and resources in one place.

Radario –This all-in-one platform for event-marketing is a CRM that provides instant analytics, personalized email marketing, and integration with ticketing platforms.

Planning Pod – Streamline your project planning with this massive collection of amazing tools for event planning. From just one place, you’ll have access to tools for attendee management, productivity, team collaboration, business management, and customization. You can arrange seating, register guests, build event websites, and manage a guest list. You can also create schedules, budgets, to-do lists, calendars… the list goes on. If you’re constantly planning large events, then Planning Pod may be your dream assistant.

Cvent – This popular event management platform now includes add-ons including:

Grub Stub – This European automated meal management system is a great way to save time, money, and food at your events. What’s more is that there is no more wasted food due to unused meal tickets!

Eventopedia – Search no more! This intelligent search platform helps event planners view and harness hidden details about venues and suppliers they’re evaluating around the world.

Ticket Tailor – If you just need tickets, this no frills, low fees, online ticketing and check-in platform is just the app for you.

Interactio Translation App – Facilitate simultaneous translation at your events without the need for specialized headsets or on-site interpreter booths.

Klik – Adorn your attendees with these smart wearables. Your badges, buttons, or sleeves can now capture all the data you’ll ever need on your attendees. The app also integrates with various third-party platforms including Slido, Tito, Hubspot, etc.

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