11 Gift Ideas for the Travel Warrior in Your Life

December 15, 2022

Travel is at the heart of everything we do, and we are certainly not alone in that. Seasoned travelers who are accustomed to attending events, conferences, and conventions may already have a method to help them cope with long journeys. Whether it’s a technique to efficiently pack their suitcases or ways to keep organized while out and about — travelers are always on the lookout for ways to make the rigors of their trip just a little easier to bear.

You probably know someone like this (or are someone) who could use a bit of a lift. With the holidays on the horizon, we’ve put together a helpful list of 11 time-saving, quality-of-life gift ideas for the travel warrior in your world. Let’s dive right in.

1. Ultra-Versatile Scarf

NORDSTROM Transitional Knit Travel Wrap, Main, color, BLACK
Combining warmth, utility, and style, this kind of scarf is for more than just keeping your neck warm, although it does that pretty well, too.

The oversized nature of it makes it particularly useful in cold and rainy conditions as a light-duty umbrella for those brief jaunts from curb to door, or vice versa. On planes, it can also double as a comfy blanket or pillow.

Best of all, it doesn’t have to take up precious pocket or storage space — it just drapes around your neck, and you’re good to go.

2. Hands-Free Belt Bag

Everywhere Belt Bag 1L - LuluLemon
You only have two hands, and when you’re traveling, they get filled up pretty quickly with bags, suitcases, briefcases, backpacks — you name it. Storage space that’s completely hands-free, but still easily accessible, is often a premium.

This belt bag ticks all those boxes. It’s adjustable, comfortable to wear, and has a surprising amount of space on the inside. It’s for those easy-to-lose items that you need to keep track of like your passport, reservation documents, keys, cash, credit cards, and so forth.

Even with all their luggage, any traveler would be thankful to have just a little more space to carry their cargo.

3. Handheld Portable Steamer

No matter how well you pack your travel clothes, there are bound to be wrinkles. Sprays may not work well enough, and you may not have space enough for an iron, so meet the answer to wrinkled convention clothing.

This portable steamer has a compact and light-weight design, so it fits easily into any ditty or travel bag. It’s ready to go in 35 seconds, delivering a full five minutes of continuous steam. It also boasts angled nozzles that make the steamer easy to hold and use.

Wrinkles don’t stand a chance with this little gem in your travel arsenal.

4. 5-Piece Packing Cube Set

The answer to the classic travel quandary of so much to pack with so little luggage space. If you’re looking to maximize the efficiency of the space in your suitcase or bag, this 5-piece set is just what you’ve been looking for.

In addition, they are a great way to organize your garments both within your bag or suitcase, as well as in the drawers of your hotel room. Made of a durable and water-resistant material, they fold up easily when not in use.

For packing smarter, and keeping your stuff tidy and secure, this is a “must-have” for travelers.

5. The Capsule Travel Containers

A standard ditty bag is no place for bulky shampoo bottles or other personal care essentials, and you may not want to rely on whatever soaps and shower gels your hotel provides. The solution is to bring your own toiletries, just in smaller doses.

The Capsule was built for that express purpose. Each one can carry up to 0.56 ounces of whatever you bring from home. It seals shut magnetically to prevent leakage, making The Capsule watertight as well as airtight. It’s also fully TSA compliant, so you won’t have to worry about it going through security.

For such a little container, the Capsule sure does solve a number of big problems that world-trotting folks often face.

6. 3-in-1 Portable Charging Station

3-in-1 Portable Charging Station

Putting together a traveling kit is all about economizing what you take with you. Having to bring along separate chargers for your smartphone, earphones, and smart watch can easily take up a lot of room, compete for precious outlet space, and become a hassle, in general.

This solution to that problem folds up easily, taking up a minimal footprint in your carrying capacity. Each charging pad is wireless, further eliminating the tangle of wires you might have to otherwise carry.

This model is made specifically for Apple products, so you can simultaneously charge your iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch at once. If you’re Team Apple for your tech, this one is definitely for you.

7. The Everywhere Zip Backpack

The Everywhere Zip Backpack - Away
Having a backpack that’s been specially optimized can make all the difference in having what you need at the moment that you need it. Nothing quite encapsulates this on a trip than how you choose to tote your laptop.

An elegant fusion of form and function, this sleek backpack is designed with your laptop, accessories, and peripherals in mind. It has a variety of different-sized pockets for all sorts of personal items as well, giving you a ton of options in how you arrange your laptop setup.

It’s go-anywhere style meets on-the-go comfort — a winning combination for travel warriors everywhere.

8. All-In-One Cord Organizer

Luxtude Cord Organizer, Compact Electronics Organizer, Protable Tech Bag, Travel Cable Case, Essentials for Cable Storage
Many items on this list lean towards a cordless option, but cutting the cord is not always feasible, depending on the tech that you choose to bring along with you to events.

For all those times, this organizer is a great way to keep each cord and connector in its own space. From USB cords to a host of different adapters, wired earbuds to critical spares, you can keep them all straight with ease. There’s even room for some other accessories like your mouse or battery recharger.

Travel accessories are all about doing the most with the least, and this cord organizer nails it.

9. 3rd Generation Apple AirPods

Airpods 3rd Generation with Lightning Charging Case
Whether you’re listening in to a presentation, taking a remote meeting, or just trying to unwind with music or your favorite podcast during downtime, a durable set of headphones is a good investment. Let’s not forget comfort as well, since no one wants the agony of being stuck with uncomfortable headphones for hours on end.

Apple has you covered with their next-generation AirPods. Sound quality? Check. Ease of storage? Check. Comfort? Big check. They can play for hours on end with uninterrupted sound fidelity. The storage case fits easily into a pocket or bag.

When it comes to earphones that are made for travel, accept no substitutes.

10. Space Saver Hanging Toiletry Bag

Yellow the Space Saver Toiletry Bag
You never know when  and where you’ll need to freshen up. What’s more, you don’t know what kind of counter space will be available when you do. Sometimes the standard ditty bag just won’t work for the environment you’ll find yourself in.

For all those times, consider a vertical solution. This bag unzips to reveal four separate compartments and storage spaces for all of your toiletries. The best part is the hook, which means you can hang it up almost anywhere, giving you full access to everything you need while taking up minimal space.

It’s truly a travelling accessory that goes everywhere you need it.

11. International Voltage Converter

Sokoo 23-Watt International Power Convereter

Let’s say you’re on your way to an event in another country. You get there only to discover that the power standards are different than what you need. Worse, your power cords won’t even fit the available outlets. Sound familiar?

Good news — you can avoid that situation with this incredibly handy power converter, charging up to six devices all at once. It’s rated for up to 150 different countries, including the EU, United Kingdom, Australia, and India.

This one is an essential accessory for the frequent world traveler.

There you have it — a look at eleven gift ideas for the consummate event aficionado in your life. It may be the thought that counts for most gifts, but we think these ideas in particular can greatly add to their quality of life before, during, and coming back from their trips. They’ll thank you — trust us.

From Team Infinix, have a happy and safe Holiday Season!

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