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As your trusted partner in event planning and execution, we understand that you may have questions about our services, processes, and how we can help make your events extraordinary.
What size events do you handle?

We have the capabilities to plan intimate executive retreats and sales incentive meetings for as few as 10-15 people, to large conferences accommodating thousands of attendees, and anywhere in between. Our team has expertise in planning various meetings and events, and are dedicated to creating extraordinary experiences that leave your guests wow-ed no matter the size of the event.

What should a sales meeting include?

Sales meetings provide an excellent platform to convey company announcements, celebrate achievements, and discuss organizational updates. However, your sales meeting should also motivate and inspire your team. To get the most out of your meeting, it's important to incorporate education on current industry trends and emerging technologies, team-building activities that engage and generate energy, and share your company's future goals and strategies. Incorporating these elements into your sales meeting can increase motivation and continuous growth within your team.

What are the types of HCP meetings?

Rx Worldwide does many HCP meetings including:

  • Advisory board meetings
  • Congress meetings
  • Continuing education
  • Dinner meetings
  • Investigator meetings
  • KOL meetings
  • National leader meetings
  • Practice development meetings
  • Speaker trainings
  • Study coordinator meetings
  • Symposiums
  • Executive committee meetings
How effective are incentive programs?

Incentive programs are high yielding rewards that can not only be implemented for your sales team, but everyone in the company. Studies have shown that non-cash rewards such as incentives are two-to-three times more effective than monetary rewards, and can increase your revenue by $12.50 per dollar spent on incentive travel.

What industries do you work with?

Infinix Global partners with a variety of industries, including Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Devices, Retail, Sales Organizations, Financial, Insurance, as well as Oil and Gas.

How flexible are plans in case there is an emergency?

We understand that sometimes things don’t go as planned, which is why our team are professionals at swiftly adjusting and having backup plans readily available. At Infinix Global Meetings & Events, we are expert problem solvers. With over 30+ years of event planning, we’ve seen it all, and have the ability to solve any difficulties that arise during your meeting or event.

What is it like to work with a meeting planner?

When you work with a third-party event planner, you gain an experienced partner who guides your team through the complexities of the planning process. At Infinix Global, we provide white-glove service, handling all the details, and acting as an extension of your team. We pride ourselves in our transparent communication, personalized approach, and seamless execution. We take care of everything, so you can relax and enjoy your event.

What is included with meeting planning services?

Infinix Global's end-to-end planning encompasses everything you need to transform your vision into reality. We also provide a range of customizable a-la carte services for a tailored experience. Explore our Services Page for a complete look of what our team can do for you.

What kind of meetings do you plan?

We can plan a wide range of Meetings, Events, Incentives, and HCP Meetings including:


  • National & regional sales meetings
  • Product launches
  • Marketing meetings
  • Strategic planning meetings
  • Sales trainings
  • Internal compliance
  • Product trainings
  • C-suite meetings
  • Executive retreats
  • Board of Director meetings
  • Booth management
  • One-on-one appointment management for conventions
  • Hospitality suites


  • Company celebrations
  • Employee recognition
  • Customer appreciation
  • Team building and Trainings
  • Awards ceremony


  • Group incentive travel
  • Employee gifting
  • Customer recognition programs
  • Exotic Excursions

HCP Meetings:

  • Advisory board meetings
  • Congress meetings
  • Continuing education
  • Dinner meetings
  • Investigator meetings
  • KOL meetings
  • National leader meetings
  • Practice development meetings
  • Speaker trainings
  • Study coordinator meetings
  • Symposiums
  • Executive committee meetings
Are there different types of goals for a sales meeting?

In sales meetings, there are many goals that can be tailored to align with the unique needs and objectives of your organization. Common goals for sales meetings include:

  • Sharing important updates & casting vision for the future
  • Setting targets for revenue growth
  • Expanding market reach
  • Improving sales strategies
  • Enhancing customer relationships
  • Nurturing team bonding and collaboration
  • Motivating and increasing your team’s productivity

The specific goals you choose should align to your organization's current strategy and priorities in order to achieve the desired outcomes.

Are there special considerations needed for pharma meetings?

Planning pharma meetings involves a deep understanding of the intricate rules and regulations that govern Health Care Professional (HCP) meetings. These guidelines encompass state laws, ethical codes of conduct, the Open Payments (Sunshine Act), and a host of other rules that require strict adherence. Given the ever-evolving nature of this industry, it's crucial to have a dedicated team of experts who understand HCP guidelines and stay on top of the latest developments, laws, and guidelines in the Health Care Professional sector.

Do you work in the Pharmaceutical Industry?

Our division, Rx Worldwide Meetings & Events has a legacy of planning HCP meetings in the ever-changing medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and biotech industries. RxWW has decades of experience successfully navigating regulations and guidelines such as PhRMA, AdvaMed, Physician Payments Sunshine Act, and EFPIA.

Why should businesses use incentive and recognition programs?

Implementing has many benefits including improving employee retention, reducing burnout, and increasing ROI. When planned correctly, incentive and reward programs can be a powerful tool that drives business growth and inspires employee motivation.

How much are the fees?

At Infinix Global Meetings & Events, we offer customized pricing and fees tailored to your specific meeting or event. Our fees are determined based on the size, scope, and unique requirements of your project. We would be delighted to discuss your needs in detail and provide you with a personalized quote. Please feel free to contact us to explore the costs associated with your event, and we'll work closely with you to ensure a perfect fit for your budget and objectives.

Do you plan meetings at international locations?

Yes, Infinix Global has a strong international reach with office hubs in the US and UK. This plus our network of global partnerships allows us to provide unparalleled support for planning and executing meetings in various international locations. Whether you're considering an event in the Americas, Europe, Asia, or elsewhere, our global expertise ensures that you receive the same high-quality service and attention to detail no matter where your event takes place.

How much experience do you have?

At Infinix Global, our experience speaks volumes. We have been in the event planning business for over 30 years, Combined with 75+ years of leadership experience, we have successfully executed 5000+ meetings and events over our company's lifetime. Our commitment to excellence is showcased in the 300+ meetings we plan annually. Our unparalleled experience ensures that you're partnering with a team that has seen it all and can navigate the complex landscape of event planning with ease.

How much time do you need to plan?

The amount of time required for planning depends on the specific details of your meeting or event. To get a more accurate estimate for your event, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to discuss your needs and work on a customized plan that fits your timeline.

Why do I need a corporate meeting planner?

Corporate meeting planners offer a range of valuable benefits, from managing intricate technical logistics to leveraging their extensive network of resources. At Infinix Global, we go a step further. Our team of seasoned experts excels in optimizing your meetings and events through experiences. We save you time, eliminate stress, and ensure a lasting impression on both you and your guests, all while maximizing your return on investment.

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