The Benefits of a Global Meeting Planner

August 24, 2023

Planning a meeting between multiple attendees across various locations can be a challenge. It can be an even more significant undertaking when your attendees are in different time zones. 

Fortunately, technology has evolved to bridge gaps and provide communication tools between people who are physically apart. In the past, meetings were traditionally limited to a singular room setup. Today, with globalization, international outsourcing, and remote work becoming more common in all industries, arranging a meeting can involve multiple parties in different locations, time zones, and setups. 

The best way to ensure your meeting goes smoothly is to hire a global meeting planner. On top of having a designated person in charge of ensuring your meeting’s success, these are some benefits of hiring an experienced meeting planner to coordinate your meeting. 

Why Should You Hire a Global Meeting Planner?

These are some benefits of considering a meeting planner to arrange your meeting. In addition to planning meetings and organizing various aspects run smoothly, a global meeting planner gives you access to the following advantages:

1. Handle the Technical Logistics

Many global meetings involve telecommunication and presentation tools, and in inexperienced hands, these tools may not be maximized or used incorrectly. When meeting attendees check in from all over the world, you’ll want to show that their time is valued by minimizing delays. Having a professional set up your technical logistics reduces the risks of disruptions or making it difficult for everyone to understand each other during the meeting.

Meeting planners know the best apps, tools, and technical requirements to ensure a smooth meeting. Whether that means using tried and tested software your company already uses or opting for a newer program, they can ensure your meeting has minimal bumps because of technical issues. 

2. Boost Your Branding 

For meetings involving people and organizations outside of your company, incorporating your brand into the meeting attendees’ experience is essential for boosting brand awareness. Without a professional meeting planner, this can be difficult, as you must be on top of all your meeting tasks and ensure your corporate branding guidelines are met. 

Your brand separates you from your competitors, and it’s what people remember best. By planning your event and effectively incorporating your branding into your program, you can maximize your reach, increase brand awareness, and reach your meeting objectives. 


3. Improve Audience Engagement

Effective meetings involve more than just one person speaking throughout the program. Some of the most popular forms of interaction include a chatbox for attendees or the opportunity for meeting attendees to ask questions after a presentation. However, if you’d like to make your meetings more engaging and interactive, you can have a global meeting planner increase interaction methods. 

This is great for launches, training sessions, and other meetings that work better with the back-and-forth between attendees and hosts. Meeting planners can help you build a compelling presentation that creates more engagement from the audience. 

4. Manage Hybrid and In-Person Meetings

Not all global meetings are entirely virtual. In some cases, it makes more sense for businesses to host hybrid meetings that cater to both remote and in-person attendees. However, this can be challenging for those with little to no experience. After all, hybrid meetings are a careful balance between keeping in-person attendees happy and comfortable while ensuring virtual attendees get the same value from the meeting. 

Additionally, there are cases where global meetings are held, and attendees fly from all over the world to be present. This means that, on top of the usual meeting tasks, there’s also having to deal with flight itineraries and accommodations for out-of-town attendees. Once attendees arrive, there’s also the matter of getting attendees to the meeting venue on time. 

Global meeting planners can stay on top of hybrid and in-person international meetings. Their tasks can range from the technical side of arranging logistics to ensure meetings are broadcasted to virtual audiences to registering in-person attendees. 

5. Provide Data Reports for Future Meetings

Before your meeting, your company should have a budget for all the equipment and expenses needed to host a successful meeting. After the event, you may need to perform a post-meeting financial reconciliation and have a list of costs to see if your event stayed within budget. 

With meeting planners, you can trust them to provide accurate data on your event’s return on investment. Did your meeting accomplish your objectives and goals? Was this an effective meeting? Did audiences find value in your meeting? Match these answers with your financial reports and see whether you’ve achieved your outcome. This can help you determine areas for improvement that you can use moving forward. 

Professional Meeting Planning Services from Infinix Global Meetings & Events

Host top-tier meetings with attendees from all over the world. With Infinix Global Meetings & Events, you can plan and manage meetings of any scale when our professionals handle the bulk of the tasks for you. Whether you want to arrange a virtual global meeting with your international employees or host large events with attendees flying in from local and international origins, we can help you pull off a successful event that achieves your objectives. 

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