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Our Intern program is open to candidates enrolled in business administration, communications, marketing, and finance undergraduate or graduate programs, with basic accounting knowledge and strong computer skill. These opportunities provide practical experience from billing, invoicing, client relationships, and meeting planning, as well as sales & marketing functions. Our interns will help solve real-time problems and gain real-live experience while fulfilling course credit requirements.

Meeting Planner

The Meeting Planner is responsible for coordinating and executing meetings of low to medium complexity, including establishing meeting databases, staying up-to-date with industry best practices, managing attendee participation, procuring resources with vendors, managing travel and contingency plans, and supporting Meeting Managers throughout the meeting planning process.

Meeting Coordinator

The Meeting Coordinator is responsible for providing support to the Meeting Services Department, managing meetings of low complexity, and assisting in planning activities, pre-meeting communication, site set-up, and post-meeting requirements. They will work closely with clients to ensure objectives are met, manage budgets, and negotiate with vendors.

Account Manager

The Account Manager plays a vital role in ensuring that our clients are fully satisfied with our services and work closely with them to develop personalized programs and establish strong, profitable relationships. The goal will be to provide exceptional customer service and act as an advocate for our clients within our organization. This role will be responsible for training and developing our operations teams to ensure that all account-specific policies and procedures are followed.

Annual company retreat
Company performance bonuses
Personal growth & development
Competitive Medical & Dental plans
IATA membership
A multitasker
A team player

What They're Saying...

"I love that we get to do something different every day. I can be working from home one day and working on a beach in California the next. We get so many opportunities to work on different projects which creates CONSTANT growth in all of us. I never feel bored or stagnant.”

“This team is truly unmatched. The question is always ‘how can I help you’ rather than ‘let me know if I can do anything.’ Always active involvement instead of passive, but we still get to maintain a lot of autonomy. Everyone takes pride in every program and not just their own. The support we receive from each other (as opposed to just from management) is something that I have never experienced before working at other places.

-Mary, Senior Meeting Manager

The support you receive from your colleagues is undeniable. We all care about the success of one another in our work ‘family.’

I love my job because I am empowered to do what I do best and I am respected for it. The management and leadership of this company actually care about me as an individual, not just the employee!

-Laurie, Meeting Manager

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