4 Meeting Attendee Perks You Should Be Offering

March 10, 2018

Believe it or not, many people don’t have a problem with paying more for a conference; especially if the added cost equates to meeting attendee perks. Are your events offering a VIP experience? If not, you are missing out on a potentially lucrative revenue source.Offering a VIP experience can take on many forms. Meeting attendee perks can range from discounts on local services to exclusive audiences with keynote speakers. But, if you don’t offer anything else, here are four MUSTS to consider when adding meeting attendee perks to your meeting plan.

VIPs-Only Reception

Inviting a select group of attendees to an exclusive breakfast, dinner, or reception is a great way to enhance their overall experience. Selecting a unique venue is also a great way to make them feel special. Look into local museums, art galleries, or upscale restaurants that they may not otherwise visit. The reception will allow the group to connect in a small, intimate environment. It will surely be the highlight of their trip!

Preferred Seating

Your meeting VIPs should have the best seat in the house: at keynotes and breakout sessions, make sure to reserve the front row seating for them with signage. Offering this as one of your meeting attendee perks gives your important guests the peace of mind that even if they’re late to a meeting, they’ll have a prime seat instead of being forced to sit in the back of the room.

VIP Lounge

There is a reason why people covet their airline club memberships – it’s because they love the VIP Lounge treatment at the airports. Offering access to a quiet workspace as one of your meeting attendee perks is a must. Your VIP Lounge will be a great place for business leaders to get work done outside of the hustle and bustle of your conference without having to go back to the hotel. Make sure your lounge space is sufficiently stocked with office supplies, snacks, and beverages.

VIP Access to Industry Leaders

Your keynote speakers and industry leaders are your event’s most valuable assets. Most of your attendees register for your conference based on who your speakers are. Giving your VIPs access to these leaders is the final must when designing your meeting attendee perks. If your keynote is a celebrity, consider offering an intimate Q&A session or autograph signing. Or, you could “kill two birds with one stone” and invite your keynote speakers and industry leaders to your VIP Reception!

Perks Don’t Have to Break the Bank

Your meeting offerings should not only provide a value-added perk for your attendees, but it should also drive revenue for your organization. Your meeting attendee perks should never lose money, so be sure to pick your offerings and price points carefully. If your budget is constrained and can’t support a VIP package, that doesn’t mean you can’t offer one. Offering your VIP assets — such as the lounge, reception, and preferred seating — to sponsors can increase the profit margin of your VIP package significantly. Know your demographic and learn how to “sell” your attendees to sponsors. A sponsor who understands that your VIPs could potentially be their new clients will be more inclined to sponsor your meeting attendee perks.

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