5 Tips for Holding Successful International Meetings & Events

October 18, 2023

The rise of new technologies has dissolved national borders in favor of global partnerships. Global teamwork continues to create new and exciting opportunities for businesses. However, it also comes with its own set of challenges.

Imagine coordinating a team scattered across the globe, each member bringing their unique cultural perspectives and communication styles to the table. Business meetings are already challenging enough, even in familiar settings. However, coordinating meetings that transcend national boundaries is another thing entirely.

Fortunately, these hurdles are not insurmountable. In this blog, we’ll delve into five invaluable tips to help you navigate the intricacies of international gatherings and events – and emerge with success. 

Keep Your Finger on the Pulse By Watching Local News

Staying informed about local news allows you to gain valuable insights into the cultural, political, and social dynamics that shape the host country or the countries of those involved. This knowledge can be used as a conversation starter, a theme for the discussion, or even a topic to avoid.

Why does it matter? Local news and current events can impact your international meeting’s success. Whether it’s a significant cultural celebration, an unforeseen emergency, or economic fluctuations, staying informed is critical. If you see a stock market dip that affects your partners, you can use this knowledge to steer discussions more effectively.

Pro tip: Set up news alerts for your event location to stay in the know throughout your planning process.

Establish a Cultural Connection With International Partners

The key to any successful international meeting is understanding and respecting the cultures of your business partners. By immersing yourself in their local culture, you can gain valuable insights into customs, traditions, and communication norms. This enables you to navigate cultural differences with sensitivity and establish a foundation of trust and mutual understanding. 

This deep understanding is the foundation for building collaborative and fruitful relationships with others. Not only does it demonstrate respect but also an appreciation for other people’s cultures and values. Ultimately, it facilitates effective communication that also contributes to the success of meetings and events.

How should you begin? Start by doing your cultural homework: research social norms, customs, and language nuances. Learn a few welcome phrases in the local language. It’s amazing how a simple “hello” can break barriers and set a friendly tone.

Pro tip: Go beyond the basics. Discover local holidays and celebrations happening during your event. Embracing and acknowledging these cultural moments can make meetings and events more memorable.

Pay Attention to Time Zone Differences

International meetings and events mean juggling time zones like a pro. Imagine a conference call with one person in the morning while it’s midnight for another. These disparities can quickly become a recipe for confusion and disarray. 

When all parties fail to sync up, this can easily lead to missed meetings, delayed responses, and, ultimately, a communication breakdown. Therefore, navigating these temporal challenges is crucial to creating harmony in international meetings and events.

What’s the solution? Consider the preferences of all teams involved. Send out a survey to find the best meeting times across time zones. If there’s no perfect overlap, rotate meeting times to be fair to everyone. Tools like Time and Date can be your time-zone superheroes.

Pro tip: Create a shared calendar with time zones for all team members. It’s a visual aid that eliminates scheduling mishaps.

Adapt to the Variations in Language

Communication is a two-way street. It’s not just about the exchange of information through words but also the art of listening. However, when it comes to international meetings and events, it also means being open to the myriad shades of language that enrich global interactions. By doing so, you can ensure that your message resonates authentically across borders and cultures.

Consider this example: while English has become a global language, there are still subtle nuances in the “type” of English used in each country. British English comes with different phrases and pronunciations compared to its American counterpart, which is also vastly different from that of Singapore. These subtleties matter, and being open to them can lead to a more profound understanding that builds stronger relationships. 

How can you adapt? Consider hiring professional interpreters who can bridge language gaps during meetings. Interpretation services ensure that all participants can understand and engage in discussions.

Pro tip: Use visual aids or presentations with graphics, images, and charts to make your content more accessible to your audience.

Organize Team Building Activities

Team building activities provide a unique platform to bridge geographical gaps and create a sense of unity among diverse team members. They offer a chance to break free from the confines of conference rooms and formal settings, allowing individuals to connect more personally. 

While distance may separate team members physically, the bonds they create transcend borders and time zones. These connections are the glue that holds together successful international collaborations.

Any ideas? Set up virtual coffee chats, encourage daily communication on platforms like Slack, and plan cultural experiences. For in-person events, excursion day trips, visits to local museums, or a taste of authentic cuisine can create lasting memories and strengthen your team’s connection.

Pro tip: Surprise your attendees with unique experiences like a trip to the Opera house or an international theatrical production. It’ll leave them with unforgettable memories.

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