5 Tips for Planning Events Around Existing Conventions

November 29, 2018

Tips for Planning a Successful "In Conjunction With" Event

1. Collaborate with the Existing Convention:

When planning your "In Conjunction With" event, reach out to the event management team of the existing convention. Check if they offer sponsorship or exhibitor opportunities that allow you to host your event off-site. Sponsoring or exhibiting at the main event not only provides you with exposure but also grants access to attendee contact lists for promotional purposes. Collaborating with the convention planners ensures your event aligns with the schedule, and being included in the official program adds legitimacy

2.Set Goals in Advance

Define your objectives before diving into event planning. Establish your budget, target audience, and specific goals (lead generation, visibility, brand promotion, sales, etc.). Clear goals will help you measure ROI effectively. Based on your objectives, research venues and plan creative ways to utilize the space effectively.

3. Select a Nearby Venue

Make attending your "In Conjunction With" event convenient for attendees. Choose a venue close to the main event's location, preferably within walking distance. Staying near the convention center or show hotel enhances the likelihood of attracting tradeshow attendees. Ensure your venue choice aligns with your event goals.

4. Get Creative!

Differentiate your event from the typical conference sessions. Offer unique and engaging formats such as campfires, learning labs, TED-style talks, or experiential tours. These creative formats encourage networking and interaction among attendees, sponsors, and hosts. Focus on delivering high-quality experiences within your budget, and consider hosting a VIP event if necessary.

5. Post Event Follow-Up

Remember, your event isn't over when the last guest leaves. After the event, send formal thank-you messages to all attendees and keep track of their contact information. Post-event communication provides valuable marketing opportunities for relationship-building. Implement an ongoing drip campaign to stay connected with attendees without being overly intrusive.

Hosting an "In Conjunction With" event at an existing convention presents a significant growth opportunity for your business. Proper planning, collaboration, and creativity are essential for a successful event. With experienced event planners like Infinix Global on your team, your next event is sure to be a resounding success!

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