A Guide to Ensure Your Event Doesn't FALL Flat This Season

September 28, 2018

There’s nothing like a cozy fall affair! The weather is turning cooler outside and warmer inside. It’s the perfect season for a festive gathering. But, before you sign on the dotted line for your fall event, there are a few logistical details to consider ensuring that your event doesn’t fall flat this season!  

Schedule Accordingly

Know Your Audience. That statement cannot be said enough. If your audience is big into football, consider a mid-week event, or host football watching receptions on the weekends. If your audience is into hunting and fishing, keep an eye on significant “open season” dates. It’s also important to consider holidays to ensure the best audience turnout. From religious to patriotic, the fall season is full of them. Also, keep in mind that many companies hold annual holiday parties in the fall.

Plan for Weather

Is your outdoor event going to be held on the coldest day in November? Order heaters. Or, better yet, a bonfire if the location is conducive for one! Also, consider shuttling guests from hotels to off-site events so that they aren’t exposed to the elements. Be prepared with extra coffee bars and warm, comfort food snacks in common area to keep your audience cozy when they’re stuck inside due to harsh weather conditions.

Theme it Up

Event planners often miss the boat when it comes to fall event themes. The key to determining a theme is not to overthink it. There is nothing wrong with embracing the traditional look and feel of the fall season. Deep, vibrant colors, fall foliage, warm drinks, and spiced fruits are perfect complements to any fall theme. Successful events planned already for this fall have a similar theme: proud locality. In the past, designing a fall event simply around a color pattern was the norm. This fall, event planners are turning to local influences when choosing cuisine, décor, and entertainment. And, you don’t have to be familiar with the area. Conducting a little research online will expose your event location's top restaurants and attractions. You can also draw tons of inspiration from local menus and cultural hubs, or even from just asking around.

Don’t Lose Site of Trends

In the event world, staying current with trends and technology is important to remaining relevant. Incorporating quiet spaces throughout a conference footprint has almost become the norm. Although people enjoy the pleasure of each other’s company, they also enjoy quiet spaces for reading, catching up on emails, or working. Another popular trend is Virtual Reality. If you can incorporate this fascinating technology into your event, it will surely be a hit. And don’t forget to stay current with your social media channels. Create a hashtag, post updates frequently, and create an event app if possible. Make it easy for your guests to keep track of the event timeline and to share their experiences with others while they’re at it.

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