Five Most Popular Asian Meeting Destinations

February 17, 2019

1 – Hong Kong

Located on the southeast shore of China, Hong Kong is commonly known as the Gateway to China. It is one of the continuously fastest growing financial and technological hubs in Asia and boasts a world-class infrastructure. Through its travel and tourism industry, it has become one of the most popular cities in the world!Hong Kong’s “east meets west” fusion culture provides travelers with an experience they won’t soon forget. With an infrastructure to easily accommodate large events, Hong Kong is a city that exudes an energy and excitement that pushes it to the top of many leading global meeting destination lists in the world. But large events aren’t its only claim to fame. Hong Kong is also a great destination for incentive meetings and small social events because it offers unique experiences that combine local and traditional activities with world-class dining, five-star+ luxury accommodations, and a combination of rural, urban, and seashore life.

2 – Tokyo

Tokyo has often been described as one of the most frenetic and exciting cities on earth. The capital of Japan provides visitors with endless discovery. With something new around every corner, Tokyo has much to explore, including cultural museums, tranquil shrines, extensive shopping districts, live entertainment, and much more.The population of the Greater Tokyo region is over 37 million, making it the largest city in the world! It is the home of many corporation headquarters and the Tokyo Stock Exchange. This bustling city never sleeps!

3 – Bangkok

Thailand, known world over for its gracious hospitality, is called ‘The Land of Smiles’. The capital city of Bangkok certainly lives up to that reputation. It is the heart of the country’s arts and culture. Visitors enjoy a robust business district as well as an eclectic mix of modern and traditional Asian culture full of rich history and an unparalleled variety of activities and attractions.Bangkok can accommodate meetings and events of all sizes. From large-scale conferences to intimate business meetings or social events, Bangkok offers a wide variety of unique and creative venues. Event planners from around the world find local suppliers a joy to work with – making the arduous process of event planning a fun experience in and of itself!

4 – Bali

Bali, also know as the ‘Island of the Gods,’ is the of the smallest yet most famous islands of Indonesia. The Indonesian archipelago is home to popular tourists cities such as Kuta, Nuso dua, and Denpasar, but Bali by far is the most notable. It boasts fantastic beaches, volcanic landforms covered in forestland, and vast rice fields. Located near the equator, Bali weather is tropical year-round, making it a great destination any time of the year.However, Bali’s landscapes aren’t the only thing the city is known for. It also has a vibrant arts scene and a lively nightlife. The famous Balinese culture, which celebrates the spiritual relationship between God and human, is apparent all around the city through its affinity for traditional arts, dance, music, paintings, and sculptures.

5 – Singapore

Singapore is an acclaimed convention destination because it provides a culturally vibrant backdrop with several international hotels and meeting facilities to accommodate any event size. It combines beach, city, and jungle into one compact destination for conferences and incentive trips alike.Singapore is an exotic and tropical city that fuses many Asian cultures. The city radiates a unique and harmonious blend of Chinese, Indian, Mala, and British influences. And, like Hong Kong, Singapore visitors enjoy the ‘east meets west’ experience through the local hospitality!

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