Location, Location, Location: The Value of Venues

August 2, 2023

The most important part of a meeting is people; without people, there is no meeting. The most effective way to get people to mentally embrace a meeting is to hold it in a venue or location they want to visit. In this, destination is everything. If people must go away on business for a meeting, they would all prefer to go somewhere that appeals to them. Selecting the venue can be easy, because odds are, if it’s some place you want to go, other people will want to go, too.

There's more to the decision than just a desire to visit it, however. Where you choose to hold your event is your way of setting the tone and pace of your meeting for your attendees. Bottom line: This choice will affect the overall effectiveness of your meeting in the following ways:

Added perceived value

Engagement happens organically when the meeting environment is consistently pleasurable. Your goal as a meeting planner is not only to create a memorable experience for your current meeting but also to make the event seem worth the effort it takes to get there. All of this starts with where you set the scene.

Think carefully about what kind of message you are trying to convey with your meeting, then find the place that fully encapsulates that message. It's a good bet that if your location hits the right notes, your attendees will see it as a can't-miss trip, adding immeasurable value to your guests' experiences.

Framing the Mood

The atmosphere and tone of your meeting cannot be understated. Your most effective tool for setting the mood of your meeting is simply where it takes place. After all, you wouldn't set a relaxing incentive trip in the heart of a crowded metropolitan city. Conversely, you wouldn't want to set ahigh-energy sales conference in a remote, rural location.

Regardless of the facilities and amenities of the venue or hotel, if the view outside the lobby or your attendees' window doesn't match the vibe that resonates at the heart of your event, it might be worth giving it further consideration.

Bringing along company

Destination meetings at great locations will encourage your guests to bring their family and friends along on the trip, which in turn will ensure you keep their attention. If your guests love the location enough to bring their family, consider hosting a family social or excursion after (or before) the meeting.

These days, people are striving more and more to find a work/life balance, so creating an event that incorporates that aspect of people’s lives is a good way to get that mental buy-in from attendees — and retain their loyalty for your next meeting.

Delivering a change of pace

Let's face it, most office and conference room meetings spaces are boring. People want to get away to visit a new spot, take in the sights, and come away with unique experiences. While the venue may not be able to satisfy this need all by itself, your location will do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to creating a memorable and lasting impression. After all, environment plays a key role in the experience your attendees will have at your meeting.

Attendees are more likely to remember a meeting if they are fascinated by where it was held. Moreover, they’ll be more enthusiastic for the next meeting if they know that you have a knack for selecting attractive and exotic locations.

Final Thoughts

Opting for unique venues that encompass the spirit of the meeting you are conducting can have a much greater effect on your attendees in the long run — far more than the interior of any conference room could. Remember that when it comes time to make that choice — location, location, location.

If you are planning your next meeting and need help to find exactly the right place to host it, let us know. We are the experts at location and venue selection, and we're happy to help you build your next event to be one for the history books.

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