Meeting Apps and More Tech Trends for Medical Conferences in 2017

November 28, 2016
meeting apps

As we move steadily towards 2017, it is time to take stock of the tech trends for medical conferences that will grow exponentially next year.Meeting apps can be the most effective means of communication with attendees at medical conferences these days. Everything from maps of the venue to meeting-specific content to food options in the area can be organized and optimized for your guests.Beyond meeting apps, the modern medical conference will see more quiet spaces for attendees to escape the digital noise, live video streams, virtual reality presentations and whole host of other technological advances coming in 2017.

The Possibilities of Meeting Apps

If your conference or meeting is large enough, it may make sense to build a standalone app that has all the information attendees need. You can incorporate the conference schedule, meal times, speaker bios, maps of the venue or just about any piece of content that would be useful to a doctor or medical professional attending your meeting.If you need expert help to build a meeting app, there are vendors that you can turn to. Chances are, you will need the expertise of mobile app creators to wade through the different programming and design options.

Quiet Spaces

With all the digital noise floating around us and in our hands, it can be helpful to have a place to get away from it all. Designated quiet rooms for reading, low conversations or just studied reflection can be an underrated benefit for your attendees. They can be a place for your attendees to power down and charge up their energy for getting the most out of their meeting.Networking can be an especially draining experience. While it is necessary for career-driven medical professionals and an important aspect of medical conferences, it can be important for people to find spaces with a lower frequency. Introverts are quite common in scientific fields.

Live Video at Medical Conferences

With the growing presence of Facebook Live and other online video streaming options, it is easier than ever to offer live video to your meeting guests. The high production values might not be there yet, but you can take advantage of experts around the world that might not be able to make the trip to your particular venue. For example, maybe there is an Australian doctor pioneering a new surgical technique, but his schedule does not allow for travel to a medical conference in Mexico City. Live video of his talk or demonstration is much more accessible these days than it was even 10 years ago.

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Virtual Medicine

Beyond live video on the Internet is the ever-expanding field of virtual reality. We are well past the Lawnmower Man here. There are games and movies being made with 360 degree cameras and sound equipment that can immerse viewers into an experience. The possibilities for medical conferences are endless. Robotic surgery simulations, immersive demonstrations of new techniques or equipment and even role-playing environments to improve bedside manner are all on the table.And if your meeting includes training sessions for professional development, VR is an intriguing option. The future is already here in many ways, so it is time to get on board.

Integrating Handheld Devices into Your Meeting

Let’s face it: digital has taken over. Data shows that conference attendees check their phones hourly. At least. Make sure that you have a coherent strategy to integrate attendees’ handheld devices into the overall event. Smartphones, tablets, even smart watches.Work with your hotel chains to see how they can make the conference experience even simpler and more tech-friendly for your guests. There are venues out there experimenting with room key apps for mobile phones.

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Touch Screen Kiosks

Convenience is very important to the modern digital native and mobile device user. Touch screen kiosks throughout conferences are popping up more and more. They can provide information, maps and directions for larger medical conferences. And sponsors/exhibitors have more opportunities for exposure when there are touch screen kiosks available. And that means that you have more opportunities to offset your costs by giving sponsors space or ownership of those kiosks.As the digital world grows in importance, the physical meet-and-greet grows as well. While some may see the expansion of the internet as an encroachment on meetings and conferences, the opportunities build even better meetings are there. By taking advantage of technological advances, you can make your next medical conference a modern marvel.

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