Infinix Global has acquired MIM Meetings & Events

December 19, 2019
MIM Meetings & Events Has Joined Infinix Global

Our team at Infinix Global Meetings & Events is proud to announce that we’ve acquired MIM to strengthen the services we offer to customers throughout the world, including those in the life sciences and medical industries, whom we currently serve through Rx Worldwide Meetings, Inc.The addition of MIM’s excellent team of highly qualified staff and leaders enables us to serve our clients with a broader range of services and improved global reach.

About MIM Meetings & Events

Founded in 1987, MIM Meetings & Events (also called Meetings in Medicine) began as a healthcare meeting logistics company. As the years have progressed so has MIM, as they have expanded into other industries, allowing their team of highly creative thinkers and doers to offer a full range of services to countless clients.MIM offers the very best in terms of experience, skill, and creativity, and their methods facilitate a fully scalable and adaptive approach to all challenges that may present themselves when planning and executing an event. High-level logistical support and a keen attention to detail fuel flawless execution, allowing customers to focus confidently on their own objectives.

Broadening Our Capabilities

The team at MIM Meetings & Events brings their considerable expertise on board, along with their commitment to perfectly executed meetings, events, and incentives. Their excellent track record and decades of experience allow us to offer an expanded pool of resources to our clients, especially those in the healthcare industry.The numerous services offered by MIM include:

  • Site selection
  • Budget development
  • Contract negotiation
  • Highly detailed pre-planning
  • Design support for event invitations, logos, websites, and other materials
  • On-site meeting, faculty, and attendee management
  • Regulatory compliance and reporting

With over 30 years of experience, MIM is a superb resource that we are confident will benefit our clients.

Expanding Our Reach

Alongside our presence in Dallas, London, and Singapore, MIM’s New York location increases our global reach to greater limits. We’re better able to serve customers throughout the world with a wider range of specialized resources.MIM has served hundreds of customers across numerous countries with top-notch solutions and, with our combined experience and global presence, we look forward to serving hundreds more in the future.

A Seamless Blend of Values and Objectives

Of course, our combined experience, resources, and capabilities are meaningless if we’re not unified in our culture and overall purpose. MIM’s team brings on board a commitment to perfection that seamlessly blends with our own values and corporate culture, allowing us to offer the absolute best in terms of high-quality meetings, incentives, and events.We are excited for our teams and customers alike as we move onward together. Not only are we better able to serve our customers in the medical, life science, and biotech industries, but we have an expanded arsenal of quality services to offer companies in other markets as well. We look forward to introducing our current and future customers to MIM’s spectacular team of proven professionals.

What This Means for Our Customers

Ultimately, our customers can expect the same detailed, creative, and flawlessly executed events and meetings that we have always offered. The main difference is that we’re now able to offer them more easily and at a larger scale than was previously possible.That means you’ll get more of the same eXcellence that you’ve come to expect from our team—much, much more.Whether you’re in need of highly specialized medical event planning services, or simply want the perfect corporate event for your business, the combined expertise of Infinix Global and MIM will produce results that are guaranteed to please you, your staff, and your guests, all while maintaining compliance with any relevant standards and laws.

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