The Importance of Internal Product Launches 

June 25, 2024

The Importance of Internal Product Launches  

The Key to Success: Training Your Team

  • Consistent training for all departments to have expert knowledge on the new product
  • Well informed employees can communicate effectively to customers increasing ROI (employees should be experts on the product)

Build Excitement for your team

  • Build excitement and anticipation leading up to the external product launch
  • You should want your team to act as ambassadors for the product, demonstrating commitment and support.

Celebrate Your Success

  • It’s important to celebrate the success of your new product  
  • Great for company culture  

Sharing the Vision for the product

  • Important for all departments to understand their role in the new product
  • Sharing the vision for the product can create a sense of ownership of reaching the product goals
  • Your team should all be on the same page.

Best Practices for Conducting Internal Product Launches

Planning and Objective Setting

  • Discuss the importance of clear planning and setting objectives for the internal launch to ensure alignment and measure success.  

Crafting Tailored Messaging

  • Create effective messaging that resonates with different internal stakeholders, supporting them in understanding and promoting the product.
  • Make messaging different for each department
  • Sales will need to know the key features, benefits, and how to sell their product to customers
  • Marketing will need to know it's target market, audience demographic, Unique selling proposition

Creating an Engaging Launch Event

  • Start with a clear and compelling presentation of the new product, highlighting its features and benefits.
  • Incorporate interactive sessions, such as Q&A or live demos, to encourage participation and interest.
  • Utilize multimedia elements (videos, infographics) to make the information more engaging.
  • Arrange for team members to test the product, providing them with a hands-on experience.
  • Include team-building activities related to the product to foster a sense of unity and excitement.

Start Planning Your Internal Product Launch

  • Emphasize the importance of consistent training across all departments for expert knowledge on the new product.
  • Highlight the role of well-informed employees in effectively communicating to customers to increase ROI.
  • Stress the significance of building excitement within the team as product ambassadors.
  • Underline the importance of celebrating product success for company culture.
  • Advocate for sharing the product vision across departments to foster ownership and alignment towards product goals.

Let Infinix Global Meetings & Events Help

  • Introduce Infinix Global’s expertise in planning and executing internal product launches.  
  • Highlight the support available from Infinix Global for planning objectives, crafting perfect messaging, and organizing impactful launch events.

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