Top Sources for Event Staffing

February 25, 2020

Top Sources for Event Staffing

When hiring temporary event staff, having dependable, dedicated, and committed individuals with meeting/event support experience is crucial to the success of an event. Event staffing isn’t always one-size-fits-all. So, before you get started on your search to fill those event staffing slots, it’s important to outline your needs and requirements so that whichever hiring route you take, at least you know what you’re looking for and can communicate it to others as needed. After you get your ducks in a row, here are top sources to consider before making those hires.

Venue Staff

Your first step to outsourcing your event staffing is to consult the venue. Many convention center bureaus and hotels have access to event staffing professionals to accommodate a variety of positions. The benefit of working with the local venue staff is that the people are already familiar with the venue and management; so, it becomes more of a plug-and-play situation.


One of the simplest ways to find staff for an event is by asking for recommendations. Trusted event agencies and/or your peers in the industry who have sourced event staff in the past can be an invaluable resource when sourcing. It is especially helpful to understand the hurdles they overcame and how they can help you navigate the process.

Event Management Companies

For the full-service, white-glove, turnkey option for staffing, an event management company is the way to go. These firms are experienced in staffing events of all sizes. And, what’s more, they can tailor staffing to your individual needs quickly and seamlessly because they do it all the time. The right partner will be able to manage your event from start to finish, with staffing as just one component.

Staffing Agencies

If you have decided to hire a staffing agency for your event, the best course of action is to think locally. For the best service, search for local agencies that are familiar with the city and have worked in your particular venue in the past. Although the cost of outsourcing to an agency may seem high, this is one area where you will certainly “get what you pay for.” Keep in mind that the staff members working at your event are representing your brand. Agencies are equipped to hire experienced staff. Before contracting with professional event staffing companies, you have never used before, it is important to check online reviews, previous work, and other information online. If you plan to hire an event staffing agency, you should also ask for references – and check them.

Online DIY Tools

Do you want to give it a go on your own without the help of professional staffing agencies? Try these online tools/apps to find people to work your event:


Another option would be to solicit volunteers to fulfill your event staffing needs. Check with area non-profits that might be able to help. Additionally, you can offer “free admittance” to volunteers. Your client (trade association or similar) may have event committees what can step in to help in exchange for a tradeshow pass (or similar). If people agree to contribute to an event at no cost, they are usually interested in gaining some valuable professional experience or networking opportunity. This is a win-win scenario!

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